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Best Astrological Remedies for Foreign Travel and Settlement

Best Astrological Remedies for Foreign Travel and Settlement

Shall I travel abroad? Whether for study, tourism, job or migration are frequently asked questions from us, Astrologers.

India has become hub of professional youth for all over the world countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc. The MNC’s hire professionals for short or long period, therefore natives find lucrative opportunity to work or settle abroad. Most of the people travel abroad –

  • For Higher Studies in foreign universities
  • For Jobs opportunity
  • For Business trips
  • For Settlement in abroad
  • For Short trips.

Important houses responsible for foreign travel or settlement are –

  1. First house- stands for self, physical appearance and nature of the native .If first house is linked with 7th house or 12th house indicates foreign travel.
  2. Third house– denotes inland journey or short travels. It indicates change of residence as it is 12th from 4th house ie birth place or native motherland.
  3. Fourth House– represents the motherland or birth place. If the malefic planets affliction is there in 4th house than native has to live away from the place where he is born.
  4. Seventh House- This house signifies spouse, foreign travel, business partner, honour in foreign country. If seventh house has connection with 12th house, Rahu then the native will travel abroad and Settlement.
  5. Eighth House- This house indicates sea water travel .Now it also indicates Research and occult sciences.
  6. Ninth House- is the house of higher education, fortune and luck
  7. Tenth House- is the house of profession, ambition, name and fame. This house tells which type of work will be beneficial for the native.
  8. Twelfth House- is the house of travel, living abroad and life in a foreign place.

I have found Planet Saturn and Rahu playing major role in foreign travel their conjunction with Lagna, 4th, 7th, 9th, 10th or 12th house or lord.

The Important Astrology yogas, I have seen for travel abroad and Settlement of native in foreign land in various horoscopes.

  1. Fourth house affliction is necessary for settlement of native in foreign land.4th lord and 12th house lord mutual exchange.
  2. Fifth house and Ninth house are houses of intelligence, higher studies and long travel if these houses have connection with 3rd house and 12th house then native will go abroad for research and higher education His luck and fortune will shine abroad.
  3. Seventh house is the house of business partner, spouse and marriage if lagna lord and 7th house is connected to 12th house and Rahu .The native will go abroad after marriage or for business purposes.
  4. Tenth House is house of karma or profession and career as if 10th lord is connected with 3rd, 7th, 9th and 12th house than native will travel abroad for business frequently.
  5. If there is exchange of tenth lord and twelfth lord than native will do job and prosper abroad.
  6. Majority of planets in a horoscope are in moveable zodiac signs ie Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn sign indicates travel abroad.
  7. The mutual exchange of lagna lord and twelfth lord indicates abroad settlement.
  8. Lagna lord and 12th lord in 4th house indicates foreign travels.
  9. Rahu in lagna, lagna lord in 7th house and 10th lord in 12th, native will do foreign travel business and travel frequently.
  10. Lagna lord and 4th lord in 7th house in conjunction with Rahu native will travel abroad after marriage.

Remedies for foreign travel or settlement

Inspite of specific yogas of foreign travel and settle abroad but due to malefic impact of dasha or transit of planets, native is unable to get Visa or any obstacle in travel abroad. I will suggest these effective remedies to get Visa or job or business opportunities abroad and be successful.

  1. Recite Hanuman Chalisa 7 times daily for 43 days.
  2. On Tuesday offer Hanumanji Chola, 250gm orange sindoor, çhameli and amla oil, 21silver vark and laddoo in Hanuman temple.
  3. Feed monkeys with bananas.
  4. Recite Goddess Durga beej mantra “Om aing hreem kleen Chamundaye viche” 108 times daily for 43 days.

5 Do kanya Pujan after 43 days Jaap and give gifts to 9 small girls.

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