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Best Astrological tips to get your name and fame in life

Want to earn name and fame in life? Yes you can!

Thoughts manifests your destiny.

Everyone wants to become famous like Bollywood, Hollywood Stars, Sportsperson, Politicians, and Singers etc. As it is a right saying

Ma phaleshu kada chana

Doing karma is in our hands, everyone has to do his job who took birth in Karmabhoomi ie on Earth. Good doings give positive results as our karmas come back and bless us.

Popularity and success comes with hard work.

Sometimes you find obstructions in getting recognition inspite of callibre and hardwork due to influence of bad planetary positions or dasha.
Astrology is planetary science of cosmic energy and stars, since age’s remedies written in our Vedas are changing lives.

These Astrological remedies opens up the way to fulfill your dreams into reality by removing the malefic effects of planets and enhances the luck and fortune. Expert Astrologers recommend these magical remedies to achieve heights in your life.


Hang the Brass Sun on the wall of East direction of your office cabin. Sun, the king of all planets, source of light and life, rises in the East direction. Person’s intellect expands like lotus petals with the Sun rays.

Planet Sun bestows power, recognition, and popularity in the Society. You will become no.1 in your profession. Astrological and Vastu remedies creates positive and good vibrations around the person instigate to do more and more hardwork to achieve success.


Light a zero watt Red bulb in the South East direction of your office. South East is the direction of Maa Laxmi, element fire, confidence and power. Maa Laxmi bestows abundance of money and wealth.

Red is the colour of energy, pioneering your leadership qualities and ensures the branding of the company or person. Red colour keeps the energy and enthusiasm charged so that you work hard to get number one position in your field .Inflow of money and cash liquidity with the blessings of Maa Laxmi.



Place pair of Red Horses on the floor in the South direction of office .South is the direction of Name, fame and all round popularity. Horses signifies speed and horse power which ensures the steady wealth through name fame and recognition. South direction is governed by planet Mars which is commander in chief of all planets. Planet Mars get activated by Red Horses and ensures the success and victory in all directions of Business or job.


Everyday visit lord Hanumanji Temple and put the sindoor on your forehead from the right foot of Hanumanji idol .Recite Hanuman Chalisa 7 times a day. It is believed that Lord Hanumanji is completely free from the influence of planets Lord Hanumanji protects from all evil effects of bad dasha and obstacles coming in your way through the rivals or seniors or colleagues… Sankat Mochan is the second name of Hanumanji, has the power to fly away all problems in life.


Place a bunch of real Red Roses in a golden vase in South direction of your desk or office cabin. Maa Laxmi showers the lots of blessings and money by offering Red roses.

Person’s name fame will spread with the fragrance of flowers .Attracts abundance of wealth and popularity. Red colour is the colour of expansion and gives more and more opportunities for your job or business. Don’t forget to change the flowers as wither flowers are of no use.

Trust, discipline, determination is the key to success and recommended remedies will give right direction and way to achieve name fame in your life .people finding difficulty in their profession also do these remedies with dedication to get good job. These remedies. give strength to Planet Sun,Venus and Mars which are significance of high rank ,prosperity , confidence ,social reputation ,success and ensures to become number one in life.
These remedies are most powerful and sure shot for getting name and fame.

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