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Divorce: Astrological Perspective

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Divorce is a legal process of dissolution of marriage. It is the bitter and disappointing event for both persons which shatters their dreams, expectations and hopes.

In India, marriage is the sacred union of two persons for ultimate eternity. Marriage is “Grahasthasharam” the most important phase in the person’s life for happy and healthy married life. Happy marital life is a dream of all person. But misunderstandings and marital dissonance leads to divorces. Divorce is considered as stigma for the families.

Divorce cases are increasing day by day, most of the people facing marital harmony ask the Astrologers, is there divorce in their horoscopes or separation yogas. Astrology can accurately predict the person’s marital life and provide remedies accordingly.

In Vedic astrology there are divorce yogas and planets responsible for separation from spouse. But the science of Astrology gives the way to avoid or reduce the chances of marital discord by proper thorough horoscope matching of the both boy and girl.

In modern lifestyle Ashtakoot matching is not enough, in significant years women has marked success in all sectors of society so shift in roles of a women has changed personally and professionally. Financial independence has given freedom to women so expectations and hopes from relationship is increased.

In Astrology, with Ashtakoot matching horoscopes of girl and boy should be matched for compatibility of commitment, intimacy, financial aspect, anger, ego and fidelity to avoid separation and divorce even after malefic influence.

History of Divorce

Greeco Roman Culture In 6th Century

Ancient Athenians liberally allowed divorce but person has to submit the request to magistrate, and the magistrate determine the reasons given were sufficient.

In Roman culture divorces were rare but with growth of the power and authority, Roman civil law embraced “marriages ought to be free” and either husband or wife could give up marriages at their will.

Medieval Europe

In Europe, society is regulated by laws of the Catholic and Orthodox Church. In 9th or 10th century divorce rate had been reduced significantly. The Orthodox Church considered the marriage is indissoluble, it should not be broken as it is perceived as holy union. But in rare conditions, separation is acceptable.

The Catholic Church considered marriage a sacrament instituted by Jesus Christ

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Secularisation in Europe

After Reformation, marriage came to be considered a contract in the newly protestants regions of Europe. Divorce could be granted by civil courts when one party to the marriage had violated a sacred vow to the innocent spouse.

During the English Civil War, the Puritans briefly passed a law that accepted marriage as a secular contract could be broken. In Britain wives were regarded as under the economic and legal protection of their husbands so divorce was almost impossible as it was very expensive Private Act of Parliament unaffordable for common people.

The Matrimonial Causes Act 1857 was passed over the strong opposition of Church of England. The new law made divorce a civil affair of the courts. Throughout century, with increased liberalisation, divorce was generally granted by civil courts in case of adultery.

Then Spain, Italy and other countries gives the right to divorce. In 1955, India passed a Hindu Marriage Act in which divorce can be sought by husband or wife on grounds of adultery, cruelty, religious conversion, mental abnormality, veneral disease or leprosy. All over the world, Divorce was considered to be social stigma.

The only countries that do not allow divorce are Phillippines, the Vatican City and British Crown Dependancy of Sark.

Malefic Separative Planets and Houses Responsible for Divorce in Astrology

The important Houses responsible for marriage, marital happiness or disharmony and for predicting divorce in astrology are Lagna or 1st house, 2nd house, 4th house, 7th house, 8th house and 12th house.

1st House or Lagna is the pillar of the horoscope and represents the true self of the native and if the lagna lord and lagna is strong than native enjoys all promises in the horoscope. If malefic planets Sun, Mars, Saturn or Rahu are associated with lagna than person becomes self-destructive and hampers the mental and marital peace. But if these planets are strong exalted or in own sign or aspected by benefic planets than the result will be auspicious.

2nd House is the house of family, growing up and speech .Impact of malefic planets in 2nd house indicates native is harsh and vindictive in speech and financial instability in family .His bitter and rash speech is responsible for disharmony in marital life.

4th House is the happiness from the family, if 4th house or 4th lord is afflicted will lead to unhappiness and become restless. Marital disharmony is because of detachment from family

7th House is the house marriage and partnership if the 7th house or lord is weak or aspected by malefic planets than the person will get separated from the spouseand person is not destined to get good marital life.

8th House represents delays, obstacles, sex life extra marital affairs, hidden things and struggles. If 8th house is afflicted or 8th lord makes connection with 7th lord indicates negative result for marriage.

12th House represents bed pleasures and sexual pleasure. Malefic impact on 12th house or 12th lord indicates lack of interest in sex life and indicates detachment.

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Navamsha Chart or D-9chart

D-9 chart is also checked for marital bliss and all these houses are checked in navamsha chart.

Planets Venus and Jupiter

Planets Venus and Jupiter are natural karakas love and married life should be checked for predicting marriage and divorce.

Venus is the most important planet of love, sex life in male chart signifies wife. If planet Venus is retrograde or debilitated or in 6th /8th house or under malefic planets influence can mark marital coherence.

Jupiter planet is the planet of trust, loyality and signifies husband in female chart. Weak and malefic placement of Jupiter planet can cause disharmony or unhappiness from husband.

The planets responsible for maximum Divorce or marital discord are Sun, Mars, Saturn and Rahu. These planets are separative in nature act as marriage breaker when associated with 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house or lord.

Planet SUN is a hot, commanding and authoritive planet in nature. If planet Sun is associated with 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house afflicted with malefic planets than the ego and attitude is the reason of divorce.

Planet MARS is the martial planet its placement in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house from lagna and moon give rise to Mangalik dosha. Mars is the planet of passion, energy, vigour and also, Mars is the planet of quarrels and physical harassment. It creates physical and verbal fights among the couple .Major cause of separation is sexual incompatibility.

Planet SATURN is the slow moving and creator of misunderstandings among the couple. It creates suspicion and unsatisfied married life. It is a planet of impotency so affects very slowly and partners hide their problems within, which burst out suddenly and convert to conflicts and ends in divorce.

Planet RAHU is the planet of separation and destruction. It makes the person unsatisfied and flirt which results in extra marital relations .This is the main cause of marital discord and divorce.

Basic Combination of Planets and Houses for Prediction of Divorce in Astrology

1.      If 7th house   lord is in 12th house or 12th lord is in 7th house or mutual exchange of 7th lord and 12th lord and planet Rahu is placed in lagna, there is strong yoga which indicates divorce.

2.      The 6th house rules the court case, litigation, disputes etc. It is necessary to register marriages in court. When 6th lord is in 7th house or mutual exchange of 6th and 7th lord indicates the separation through legal proceedings. If planet Venus significator of marriage is with 6th lord or in 6th house provided 7th house is also under influence of separative planets Sun, Mars, Saturn or Rahu it may also bring divorce in astrology.

3.      If 4th house is afflicted with 6th lord or there is an exchange or conjunction of 4th and 6th lord, there is high chances of divorce.

4.      When native is born in the signs of Mars or Saturn and Venus is in lagna and 7th house is afflicted with separative planets then wife leaves the native. Combination of planet Sun-Venus or Moon -Venus in 7th house is considered bad for married life and this combination is aspected by malefics then there is strong yoga for divorce in astrology.

5.      When 7th lord and Venus is afflicted or debilitated and 8th house is under the influence of separative planets Sun, Mars, Saturn or Rahu then the chances of separation are high.

6.      If the Rahu and Ketu forming kaal sarp yoga in lagna and 7th house ,this is a yoga for unhappy married life and it gives more bad results if karaka of marriage Venus or Jupiter are debilitated or afflicted by malefics.

7.      Lagna lord and 7th lord are in 2/12 position or 6/8 position from each other indicates quarrels, fights, separation from each other if these lords are afflicted also.

8.      In Navamsha chart orD-9 chart, lagna, 7th house, 8th house and its lords are afflicted then there is strong indication of divorce in astrology.

9.      8th house is the house of delays, obstructions, longevity of spouse and marriage if more than one   malefic planets aspect or in 8th house indicates loss of marriage.

10.  These combinations are checked from lagna, Moon sign, and also in Navamsha before predicting divorce in the chart of native.

Very important aspect before predicting separation is placement of planet Jupiter, its aspect can nullify the divorce yoga.

‘eko jeeva yada lagne, sarve yogastada shubha’

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Timing of Predicting Divorce or Separation in Astrology

1.      Dasha of Planets Mars, Rahu or Saturn if associated with 4th, 7th, or 12th house.

2.      Dasha of 7th lord in association with 6th, 8th or 12th house or lord.

3.      Dasha of planets afflicting 4th house and placed in 6th, 8th or 12th house.

4.      During the Sade sati period if divorce yogas are present in horoscope of the native.

Remedy For Happy Married Life and Avoid Divorce

1.      Before marriage horoscopes of the boy and girl should be done properly.

2.      Worship lord Shiva and do panchaytana puja regularly.

3.      Keep crystal Sri Yantra in puja ghar and recite Sri Suktam daily.

4.      Perform remedies for Mangalik doshas before marriage.

5.      Late marriage suggestion also suitable to avoid divorce.

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