Gain immense knowledge and protection by reading the Hanuman Chalisa

When Lord Hanuman grew up, he was very curious and would ask his parents many questions. They told him that the only teacher who could satisfy his curiosity and was capable of answering all his questions was the Sun God so off went Hanuman to meet his Guru. Hanumanji’s selection of Surya as his teacher is also linked to the fact that he is that one God who is Karma Sakshi or the one who witnesses all deeds.

On hearing his request the Sun God shared with him his daily routine. He said that he was on the move the whole day, travelling from east to west on his chariot pulled by the seven horses so he didn’t have any spare time to teach him but Hanuman was adamant and ready to bend backwards to gain knowledge from this all knowing Guru. He thus offered him two solutions to this problem.

He would fly ahead of the chariot and the Sun God could teach him while in motion or Hanuman would stand in front of him, facing the eastern direction with his one foot in the west and one in the east and learn. This shows that to learn one needs to have utmost dedication and willingness to sacrifice one’s comfort zone. Hanuman asked the Sun God if he could multi- task.

Sun God impressed by his perseverance accepted him as his disciple. This was followed by tireless days of constant learning. It seemed that Hanuman was in a hurry to gain all the knowledge his Guru has to offer. He flew in front of the chariot but backwards so that he could face his Guru. He vivaciously took in all he could.

Imagine a picture of Hanuman flying in front of the Sun God gazing in his eyes; this imagery beautifully demonstrates the mystical transfer of knowledge. He absorbed his teacher’s every precious word and the resplendent light from the Sun enlightened every part of his being. At this part of the story I too could feel a light within me. The subjects ranged from Sciences to Literature and language.

History, Vedas, scriptures, poetry, technical knowledge; you name it and it was in the list. All the different branches of education were well covered. Sun God too was the perfect fit for such a shishya as he was a reservoir of knowledge in varied fields. Anjanaye was enlightened by Sun’s knowledge. He too was a worthy disciple who absorbed everything like a sponge to use it for the benefit of mankind.

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Guru Dakshina…

After Kesari Nandan’s education was over he thanked his Guru and asked him what he wanted as Guru dakshina. There are two stories behind this. According to one of them the Sun God requested Hanumanji to protect his son Sugriva who was the twin brother of Vali. Vali was the son of God Indra and the ruler of Kishkinda. Due to a misunderstanding between the two Vali had taken over the kingdom, Sugriva’s wife and ousted him. Hanuman was Sugriva’s minister and chief adviser. Sugriva depended on him in every way.

The other story talks of the Sun God requesting Lord Hanuman to save him from his son Shani’s mischief. Hanuman overpowered him when he climbed his back trying to hurt him. Hanuman increased his size to crush Shani Dev between his shoulder and the ceiling. Shani Dev asked for his forgiveness saying that he will never trouble any Hanuman devotee. Therefore praying to Lord Hanuman protects us from the ill effects of Saturn.

Benefits of reading the Hanuman Chalisa and praying to Lord Hanuman…

Hanumanji is the diety connected to the energy of the Mars planet in Vedic astrology which is a fiery planet with immense energy and thus is referred to as the Commander- in chief. A strong Mars in your horoscope ensures power, energy to work, vigorous body, daring and fearless attitude, success in sports, earnings from and possession of land. Person will have a positive attitude though could be rash in behaviour.

Will be able to overcome his enemies and might be in the army or medical field as a surgeon too. Invoking Lord Hanuman too blesses us with all these qualities and fervour to gain immense knowledge and create your own destiny. He protects us from the ill effects of Saturn, dhaiya and Sade-sati as he has helped Shani Dev many times and so Shani Dev does not affect his disciples negatively.

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Some interesting facts about Hanuman Chalisa and Sunderland…

Hanuman Chalisa is one of the easy and short chants to invoke Lord Hanuman. Sunder kand from Ramayana is another chant but much longer in size but considered very affective especially for someone suffering from Sade sati or dhaiya of Saturn. Little do people know that there is one Sunder Kand in Sanskrit in the Valmiki Ramayana and then one in Tulsidasji Ramayan which we usually practice?

Hanuman Chalisa praises Anjana Nandan and describes all his various attributes, qualities and achievements thus filling us with the confidence that protecting us would be a small task for Him. Sunder kand on the other hand is that part of Ramayana when he goes in search of Sitaji, carrying Lord Rama’s ring.

This narrates the story of his fight with the guards in Ashok Vatika, ravaging the garden, killing of Ravan’s son, meeting Ravana and burning of Lanka. In the end he returned with Sitaji’s Chudamani or hair clip for Lord Rama. It is said that during this venture he even freed Saturn from the clutches of Ravana. That’s why Saturn is indebted to him. Also it is a belief that if Hanumanji easily conducted such a difficult task of Lord Ram, then our work is a child’s play for him.

Other ways of pleasing this Ram bhakt…

Lord Hanuman is a Chiranjeevi, someone who is timeless and is always present on earth. What attracts him is Ram katha. Therefore if we sing praises of Lord Ram or read the Ramayana; it is a belief that he will be present to hear it. Offering him chola which is red sindoor with Chameli oil to apply on his murti in a temple on Tuesdays or Saturdays is another practise that appeases him.

Famous Temple of Lord Hanuman in Delhi…

  • Hanuman temple
  • Hanuman Road
  • Cannaught place

My experience: I have been going there since childhood and as a result I have experienced a miraculous event in my life.

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