How to use the 21st June Solar Eclipse to our Benefit

Solar Eclipse Benefit: Let’s analyse the importance of Sun in our lives to see how the eclipse can affect us or why is it important?

Sun, the Atma of our horoscope, sits on his chariot grand, driven by seven horses which represent the seven planets and twelve wheels represent the twelve rashis. His glare is bright, heat is scorching and he is the giver of life on this planet. Without him life would cease to exist so he represents the father in Vedic astrology.

He also represents monarchy and in current day and age it would co- relate to the Government since monarchy no longer exists. Therefore having a strong Sun in your horoscope blesses you with a position of power and success. He is only second in the list of important Devtas , Indra being the first. He is one of the Devatas who is Prathyaksha or visible.

Sun increases serotonin in our brain which gives us happiness, calmness, confidence and increases our focus; all attributes important to attain success in our lives. Today we face two health issues commonly namely Vitamin D deficiency and gluten intolerance. The main source of Vitamin D is Sun. Welcoming this morning Sun in our lives ensures father’s blessings, gives us self confidence, removes depression, gives place of power, position, ample vitamin D in our bones thus making them strong and gluten tolerance.

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A simple way to invoke Sun’s blessings is to offer water to it with Chandan ( as it has a calming affect and Sun is hot) and flowers if possible in a plant pot. While offering the water repeat the Gayatri mantra thrice. For someone who can go that extra length chanting the Aditya Hridyam thrice is very fructifying. Since you have seen the important role that Sun plays in our lives,let’s talk about the solar eclipse due to happen on the 21st of June this month. Scientifically solar eclipse happens when Moon blocks the light of the Sun from reaching the earth and in Vedic astrology Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu are in a straight line and Rahu/ Ketu cast a shadow on the sun, thus eclipsing it.

This is due to a story connected to Sagar Manthan and Amrit that came out of the churning. Both Devtas and Asuras were meant to share it but Lord Vishnu was feeding it to the Devtas as if Asuras became mortal they would cause trouble for humans and Devtas alike. Rahu sat between the Moon and the Sun and consumed it. Sun and Moon recognised him and complained to Vishnu who then cut Rahu into two parts – Rahu and Ketu . They seeked Shiva’s refuge and told him of the injustice. Shiva granted them the power to eclipse the Sun and the Moon. The pure energy of the Sun gets twisted and dark during the eclipse leaving its impact for a few days after.

There is a period before the Surya Grahan called sutak when temples remain closed and and is not considered an auspicious period. The solar eclipse on the 21st of June will be visible in many parts of India and the world including North India. New Delhi too will see it between 10:17 to 2:02 pm in the afternoon where 12:10 will see the maximum eclipse. It will take place in Punarvasu Nakshastra. The sutak will start from 10 pm, the night of 20th June. Media and astrologers scare the common man about the ill – affects of an eclipse when it is a phenomenon that occurs every year. There are some negative affects but it does not manifest into a disaster.

This is not the time to start anything new that is connected to the materialistic world but a time to go inwards. It’s a perfect opportunity for spiritual development, meditating and chanting mantras, basically inner engineering. The positive affects of donation and chanting or prayers done during this time get multiplied many folds. You can donate grains especially wheat , atta or any donation is welcome.

Hope you too will use this eclipse to your benefit and not let it affect you negatively.

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Written by Ms. Shalini Modi

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