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Looks and Nature of Spouse through Astrological Perspective

Astrological Perspective

Personality is the mirror of inner qualities & traits of a person which are governed by the planetary influences in the horoscope of a person. In horoscope house of marriage and relationships are 7th House, 7th lord, planets placed in 7th house, aspecting or influencing 7th lord and 7th house and karaka of spouse Jupiter and Venus tell about the nature, looks, age difference, meeting place, direction of spouse.

All these houses and lords should also be analysed in Navamsa chart also.  Everyone dream of prince charming husband or beautiful wife. Are you curious to know about future spouse then don’t wait… consult Expert Astrologers of F.P.T.

Looks and Nature of Future Husband and Wife According to Different Zodiac Signs in 7th House

  1. ARIES: When 7th house sign is Aries, it will give slender and middle stature, bushy eyebrows, sharp eyes and stout body. He/She will be frank, dynamic, freedom loving, enterprising, forceful, love for art and beauty, power to adjust to circumstances, ambitious and strong willpower.
  2. TAURUS: When 7th house sign is Taurus, it will give short stature, prominent face and eyes, squarish built and plumpy thighs. He/She will be practical, reliable, patient, loving and trustworthy, warm hearted, fond of pleasure, love, beauty, sacrificing, forgiving disposition, cautious, liberal heart and does not retain anger for long.
  3. GEMINI: When 7th house sign is Gemini, it will give tall and straight stature, black eyes, curly hairs, charming faceand elevated nose. He/She will be lively, intellectual, witty, amusing, youthful, versatile, good conversationalist, planner, variety seeker and fond of reading and writing.
  4. CANCER: When 7th house sign is Cancer, it will give middle stature, long face, wide chest, broad waist and white complexion. He/She will be emotional, self-reliant, intelligent, intuitional mind, honest, hospitable, imaginative, talkative, loves justice and fairplay, sensitive and easily impressed by feelings and thoughts of others.
  5. LEO: When 7th house sign is Leo, it will give magnetic appearance, fully developed bones and shoulders, oval face, reddish eyes and complexion. He/She will be dynamic, dominating, ambitious, active, courageous, generous, warm hearted, cheerful, frank, truthful, cannot be dictated, sincere, abundant energy, independent thinker and good organizer.
  6. VIRGO: When 7th house sign is Virgo, it will give fair complexion, attractive, broad face, handsome, slender body and youthful appearance. He/She will be intelligent, analytical, meticulous, loves peace and order, perfectionist, methodical, cautious, diplomatic, kindly and truthful.
  7. LIBRA: When 7th house sign is Libra, it will give tall, lean but proportioned body, prominent nose, handsome appearance, broad face and chest, curly hairs and fair complexion. He/She will be charming, easy going, romantic, idealist, diplomatic, sharp reasoning, weighs pros and cons before taking decisions, unassuming and unmoved mean motives.
  8. SCORPIO: When 7th house sign is Scorpio, it will give tall, handsome appearance, broad eyes and forehead, forceful personality, well developed bones, curly hairs and attractive personality. He/She will be emotional, loyal, intelligent, committed, materialistic, generous, determined, love luxury, commanding and intense in romance.
  9. SAGITTARIUS: When 7th house sign is Sagittarius, it will give short stature, well developed figure, light brown hair, almond eyes, fat thighs and good looking. He/She will be sincere, optimistic, versatile, enterprising, honest, humble, sympathetic, dynamic, jovial, frank, sacrificing nature, active, religious and hates external show and hypocrisy.
  10. CAPRICORN: When 7th house sign is Capricorn, it will give tall, lean thin body, prominent nose and ears and reddish brown colour. He/She will be most practical, strong willed, ambitious, determined, hardworking, talkative, good stamina, far sighted, good stamina, generous and knack of adjusting to circumstances.
  11. AQUARIUS: When 7th house sign is Aquarius, it will give handsome, attractive appearance, elegant disposition, broad cheeks, fair, large features and dark hair. He/She will be humanitarian, independent, friendly, loyal, devoted to life partner, good conversationalist, make friends soon, wherever goes leaves an idelible impression idealist and dominating.
  12. PISCES: When 7th house sign is Pisces, it will give fair stout, lustrous face, middle sized height, prominent nose, beautiful eyes, full and plumpy figure. He/She will be compassionate, religious, reserved, kind, learned, grateful, emotional, inclined to change, artistic and sympathetic.

Different Planets Influence Directly Nature and Personality of Spouse of Native in 7th House

  1. SUN: SUN is a separative and fiery planet in 7th house gives detachment among the couple, they tries to inflict each other and lead a formal relationship.  The native’s spouse is ambitious and workaholic which gives unhappy married life.Sun in 7th house is not considered auspicious.
  2. MOON: MOON controls the power of mind and versatility in 7th house gives early marriage, beautiful or handsome spouse .The spouse is emotional, loving, caring, social and admired by all.
  3. MARS: MARS is a martial planet and in 7th house native has mangalik dosha, which gives late marriage .The spouse is romantic, strong will power, dominating, passionate and quarrelsome, if there is no benefic aspect.
  4. MERCURY: MERCURY is a planet of intelligence, creativity and communication, in 7th house gives scholar spouse who help in shaping the personality of the native. But Mercury alone in 7th house is not good for sexual compatibility.
  5. JUPITER: JUPITER is a planet of health wealth and wisdom, in 7th house gives loyal, happy go lucky spouse and enhances fortune and prosperity after marriage.
  6. VENUS: VENUS is a planet of love, in 7th house gives attractive, romantic, passionate and loveable partner.
  7. SATURN: SATURN is a slow planet, in 7th is not considered good for married life, creates disharmony and spouse hide their feelings from each other which gives depression to both of the couple.

Here are Some Combination of Different Planets in 7th House Gives Different Traits in The Nature of Future Spouse


Mars, Venus or Venus Saturn conjunction, exchange or mutual aspect connected to 7th house gives romantic spouse.

Taurus, Libra or Aquarius signs in 7th house is other good combination for getting romantic spouse.

Mars Moon conjunction, mutual aspect/exchange connected to 7th house also gives romantic spouse.

Venus in 7th house is also considered good for getting lovable partner.


Taurus, Leo, Libra, Scorpio or Capricorn signs in 7th house gives caring spouse.

Jupiter in 7th house gives caring and loyal spouse.

Jupiter in 7th house in Leo shall give extremely caring spouse.


The native having Sun, Venus, Mars, Mercury or Moon in 7th attains attractive spouse.

Strong Moon in its own sign / sign of exaltation in 7th house gives attractive spouse.

If 7th Lord is in the sign of Sun, Moon, Mars or Venus the spouse will be attractive.

If majority of planets are placed in Rashi of Venus or Moon.

Venus, Rahu combination in 7th house is equally good.

Sun, Mercury, Venus & Saturn conjunction in 7th house.


  1. Mars, Venus or Venus Saturn conjunction, exchange or mutual aspect connected to 7th house gives romantic spouse.
  2. Taurus, Libra or Aquarius signs in 7th house is other good combination for getting romantic spouse.
  3. Mars Moon conjunction, mutual aspect/exchange connected to 7th house also gives romantic spouse.


  1. If Aries, Taurus, Leo or Aquarius signs in 7th house gives reliable spouse.
  2. If Jupiter occupies, owns or aspects 7th house the native attains reliable spouse.
  3. Unaffiliated 7th house or 7th lord aspected by Jupiter gives reliable spouse.


Spouse is assertive if 2, 5, 9 or 11 signs is in 7th house

Sun & Mars in 7th gives assertive spouse.


The native having Aries, Taurus or Leo signs in 7th house gives strong willed spouse.

If Mars or Sun is in 7th house the spouse of native shall have strong will power.


Venus in 7th house or connected to 7th house gives fashionable spouse.

The native having Taurus or Libra sign in 7th house gets fashionable spouse.


The native having Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio or Aquarius signs in 7th house get intelligent spouse.

Sun Mercury conjunction in 7th.

Jupiter Mercury conjunction, mutual aspect & exchange connected to 7th house also gives intelligent spouse.

7th lord conjoined with Jupiter also gives intelligent spouse.

Strong Mercury or Jupiter in 7th house certainly indicates intelligent spouse.


If Aries, Leo, Libra or Aquarius

Rahu in 7th house gives practical spouse

(9, 12, 4 or 8 signs in 7th house)


  1. Mercury in 5th house gives ambitious lover/partner.
  2. The natives having Gemini or Virgo signs in 5th house get ambitious lover


  1. Saturn or Ketu in 5th house give argumentative/quarrelsome partner.
  2. Natives having Aries or Libra Signs in 5th house get quarrelsome partner.


Moon in 7th house

Cancer Sign in 7th house.


Below are given some planetary combinations which can indicate the good, average or poor relation with your lover/beloved.


The natives having 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 10 or 12 Lagna sign enjoy good relation with spouse.

Moon, Jupiter or Rahu in 7th house.


Natives having 1, 5, or 8 signs as Lagna shall have average relation with spouse.

Sun, Mercury, Venus or Ketu in 7th house.


7, 11 Lagna people have bad relation with spouse

Mars or Saturn in 7th house is bad.

Where will I meet my future spouse or husband?

Meeting point will be indicated by placement of 7th lord in different houses.

When 7th lord is in –

FIRST HOUSE – You will meet your future spouse when start looking for partner.

SECOND HOUSE – In countryside or in a financial institution or shopping mall.

THIRD HOUSE – In early school life or in routine journeys or through siblings or neighborhood.

FOURTH HOUSE – Through your mother or near your home.

FIFTH HOUSE – In entertainment place or while holidaying or enjoying sports.

SIXTH HOUSE – While doing everyday work or practicing hobbies.

SEVENTH HOUSE – Wedding parties or business partnership links.

EIGTH HOUSE – From ancestor’s family links.

NINTH HOUSE – During higher education, long distance travelling or religious places.

TENTH HOUSE – Through you father links or in your professional work place.

ELEVENTH HOUSE – In a community gathering or social links or through your elder siblings.

TWELFTH HOUSE – In a spiritual places or hospitals or foreign land.


Near or far place of IN LAWS home will be determined by 7th house or 7th lord in which sign?

MOVEABLE ZODIAC SIGN – ARIES, CANCER, LIBRA and CAPRICORN – in laws place will be far away.


DUAL ZODIAC SIGN – GEMINI, VIRGO, SAGITTARIUS and PISCES – in laws place will be not very far.


The strongest among the 7th lord 0r 7th house or Venus in which zodiac sign indicates the direction of the marriage.

FIERY SIGNS – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – EAST direction

EARTHY SIGNS – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn – SOUTH direction

AIRY SIGNS – Gemini, Libra, Aquarius – WEST direction.

WATERY SIGNS – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces – NORTH direction.

These are the astrological permutations and combinations of analysing the about future spouse. Where, how, nature, looks and personality. But for detailed analysis one need to check about all factors with divisional Navamsa chart for giving accurate prediction only one aspect is not enough. So if you are curious or looking for your perfect match then made up your mind and consult F.P.T renowned astrologers Mr. Yash Karan and Ms. Dimple Babbar. Stay Blessed.

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