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Powerful and Effective Astrological Remedies for Career Growth

Astrological Remedies for Career Growth: Globalization and liberalisation has open up several opportunities of job and career in field of computers, medical research, technology, marketing, sales etc. Right career and job has become necessity for steady and happy life.

Everyone chooses a career according to natural inclination and interest. But with rising standard of living with high pace as things which use to be luxury has become necessity, puts a pressure on student or person to choose lucrative career which will give him desired lifestyle. Despite of hard efforts person is confused whether this career will be appropriate and give steady growth throughout his life. Creates a confusion in person mind but don’t worry, since ancient times Vedic Astrology gives the direction to choose right career and rise in life

      Talk to our expert Astrologers for guidance in opting right subjects, field or career which will ensure heights in professional growth. In Astrology, planets Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn and Rahu plays key role in shaping and giving success in career and job.To get the auspicious results of these planets and to empower there are proven remedies in Ancient Astrology.

Try some of these Powerful and Effective astrological remedies-

Worship lord SUN      

Sun is the karaka of power, profession and vital energy. By worshipping Lord Sun increases the leadership qualities and magnetism in personality. Blessings of lord Sun   remove all hindrances in life and help in getting good government job or promotion in career.

Recite Gayatri mantra 11 times daily

Early morning do Surya namaskar and offer water with jaggery to lord Sun along with recite “Om Ghrini Suryaye Namah “11 times. This is most common and sure shot remedy for stable and good career.

Worship lord Shiva

If you are unable to choose perfect career option then worship almighty Lord Shiva who will strengthen the power of planet  Moon, which represents mind, intellect and gives the inner strength to take right path in career.

Planet Moon is the karaka of imagination and intuition which helps in differentiating between the right and wrong decision.

Everyday Offer water with little milk to Shivling with Chandan, rice, honey, curd and Bel patra leaves.

Recite Mahamrityunjay Jaap 108 times daily. Lord Shiva bless you with peace and prosperity.

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Worship lord Ganesha

Person is facing obstructions in finding a job and getting no response from any firm.

  1. Best remedy is to worship lord Ganesha, He is also called Vighan harta removes all obstacles from person’s life. Bless him with the new job and success in his career.
  1. Visit a Ganesha temple and offer besan laddoo to lord Ganesha and recite mantra “Om Gan Ganpatey namah” 11 times daily.
  2. Wear a Ganesh Rudraksha in yellow thread, after doing this ritual on shukla paksha first Monday. Visit Lord Shiva Temple and offer water to Shivling and do Abhishek .Wash the Ganesh rudraksha with gangajal and take the blessings of Lord Shiva wear it in yellow thread .Ganesh rudraksha will eliminates obstacles and bless with success and prosperity in career and job.

Hanuman Chalisa

If person is stuck in project work or not getting new ventures than magical remedy is recite Hanuman chalisa for 7 times and keep the hanuman chalisa in your pocket.You will get success in your professional career.

Keep your Servants happy

Servant’s represents Saturn and Saturn signifies karma or profession .Doing good deeds pacify the malefic effect of Saturn and gives stability, ensures success and rise in career.

Feed Crows, Dogs, monkeys with rice kheer, Chapati, kale Chane to get the positive results of Saturn.

Light a lamp of mustard oil under peepal tree on Saturdays.

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Rahu effect on profession

Planet Rahu gives sudden change in job, misunderstanding with colleagues and Boss. Person faces manipulation and conspiracies against himself in the workplace which his peace of mind.

To eradicate the ill effect of planet Rahu, Worship Goddess Durga and recite Durga kavach daily. Put red vermillion on forehead to be focus in work and job.

Positive thoughts, self-efforts, hardwork, right direction and God’s grace manifests the Destiny to achieve success and rise in career. Try these powerful and proven astrological remedies for successful career and job.

Talk to our expert renowned Astrologer Mr Yashkaran Sharma and Ms Dimple for personal career solutions. Stay Blessed.

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