Saturn: Astronomical Facts about Saturn

Vaidooryakaantirmalah shubhadah prajaanaam
Baanataseekusumavarnonirbhashcha shahthaha
Panchaapi varnamupaggacchati tathsarvanaani
Suryatmijaha kshapayateeti munipravaadaha
                                                                                         -Aachaarya Varaahmihir- Brihatsamhita

Saturn is one of the greatest friends of mankind. Saturn represents resurrection. If Saturn were not involved in the schemes of things life would not have acquired and that sophisticated touch which is now evident. If glorifies and transmutes, it enables what is gross. It is not satisfied unless all ore is turned into finest steel. Saturn does the work of culturing. It turns gross into subtle and finer substance. Saturn perfects those traits in man which show weakness. It represents emotions on all levels. It is rejuvenation. Saturn indulges in the perfection of man’s rash nature into solid and firm sophisticated nature. Saturn is faced with gross matter in its totality unless the whole of the resurrection, regeneration is fully tackled much will remain in gross in the nature of man. It perfects man’s thoughts, or actions or both and it also perfects the wavering nature or other arts, it also has to perfect man’s noble nature. If he is given to thoughts of royal life, he is taught to curb his interest for luxuries and try to become most humanitarian and noble creature on earth. Saturn improves man’s analytical nature, mastery over languages and grammar.

Saturn is a perfect task master, a stern disciplinarian, not a hair’s length can escape his attention. He has a foolproof life in all its walks. Saturn improves the nature of a native and overcome his baser passions, hatred, jealousies, envies, etc. It also gives ideal philosophy, overcomes the vices of affluence by teaching the lessons of contentment and peace. It removes the weakness of isolation and indifferences. Saturn makes one fit to mix freely with others, it prevails over too much of sentimentalism, shyness and makes virtues and noble in the true sense.

Saturn is not a malefic planet as it generally thought to be. It is a friend of those who want success, integrity and accomplishments in his life. Saints naturally see the placement of Saturn in their birth chart. It represents love of perfection and self-discipline at the cost of luxurious life. Poverty is self-invited because it will help to overcome pride, arrogance and baser instincts of life. Saturn in Aries has its debilitation. Here it is a warning signal because in Taurus there is too much of gross nature and since it cannot stop its work of resurrection and regeneration, a man with Saturn in Taurus should be taught that if he fails to cooperate with it he will be heading towards all sorts of catastrophes and mental troubles. So the Saturn represents the struggle against evil.

Generally a person can be judged by his appearance and action. If we apply the same method for the study of Saturn we shall be highly mistaken. No doubt Saturn has his own inherent characteristics but unfortunately his actions are elusive. Saturn does not appear to correspond to his characteristics and we are dumb founded in his interpretation. He is an adept at disguise. It is hard to say where and in which mask he appears at any particular type. It is on account of such a nature that any study of the planet can hardly be described as comprehensive 

There are times when you feel why my life is so difficult when I am doing everything right. This is what Saturn is meant to do for you. It is about discipline, difficulties, delay, duties, dealings, and denials at times. It wants you to work hard, put in your best efforts, learn from your mistakes so when you get a taste of success, it still keeps you humble and grounded, despite having a wealth of knowledge. Saturn is thus a strict teacher, who is austere but only for the benefit of the student. Saturn is about being disciplined, managing your time, meeting deadlines all while keeping the restrictions in mind. Saturn can however not be termed as a negative planet for its positive influence makes riches from rags. But what it asks you to do is stand brave in the toughest tests of time. Saturn also relates itself to elderly, the grace of old age, traditions, conventional approaches, and authority. It rewards you for your perseverance and punishes for short cuts and impatience.

Saturn is the most feared planet of all, and for more reasons than one.  It is not there in the cosmos to make everything cakewalk for you. It is there giving us hardships, teaching us lessons of life. But this is not to make us destructive and contemptuous, as is the case with Mars negative influence. It is there to make us better individuals, filtering the negative forces to leave us with refined personalities, ready to drive towards spirituality and higher learning. It wants us to be disciplined, thus poses retractions and limitations. Having Saturn’s influence doesn’t always means denial of success. It simply means delay. In some cases however, it also denies the native success if positioned in or aspected by enemy sign, or is debilitated. It makes sure to play the role of a teacher in our lives. Its positive influence brings us the old age wisdom, a sense of conventionality, determination, authority, and a lot more.

Astronomical Facts about Saturn

Saturn is one of the earliest planets known to us. The ringed planet is 1.35 billion km from sun. He is also the outermost planet of them. His volume is about 700 times and weight is about 100 times more than the volume and weight of our mother earth. Saturn has 82 satellites of its own. He is a slow moving planet and takes around 29 ½ years to complete one revolution round the sun. It also appears retrograde every year for a period of 135 day. Capricorn and Aquarius, the 10th and 11th signs of the natural zodiac are governed by him.

He is exalted in Libra and debilitated in Aries. According to our sages Saturn is defeated by sun, and Mars is defeated by him. It is significant that in the hierarchy of power Saturn comes to the lower ladder. If this is so the defeat of Mars by Saturn does not stand to reason. This is perhaps a metaphorical statement. Mars loses his heat and impulsive warlike qualities in Saturn’s house Capricorn and becomes calm, quiet and contemplative. This change in his behavior is perhaps described as the defeat of Mars at the hands of Saturn. 

Essential Details about Saturn

Transit in each sign2.5 years
GemBlue Sapphire
TemperamentStrict, Sorrowful
Ruling Body PartLegs, nervous system, chronic diseases
Status in Imperial StarsAdvisor
FriendsMercury, Venus
EnemiesSun, Moon, Mars
Own SignCapricorn, Aquarius
Exalted inLibra
Debilitated inAries
Mool TrikonAquarius
Mahadasha Period19 Years
RelationServants and Elderly People
ProfessionsMining, labor, oil, petroleum, agriculture, freezing, coal, leather goods, butchery, lead, blue sapphire.

Written by Mr. Bharat Saini

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