Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is the ancient architectural science of Hindu system. It is specialized science to integrate the architecture and nature’s cycle of creation that is five elements Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space.

Vastu is an enclosed structure to reside, pray or work. Vastu shastra helps in maintaining the harmony with the inner space energy and outer magnetic vibratory energies are all around in the form of cosmic (lunar and solar) energy, geopathic or telluric energy (gravitational or earth) and global energy.

According to Hindu mythology, ATHARVAVEDA contains verses with mystic cosmogony which describes origin of solar system and cosmos. In 6th century, Varahmira’s Brihat samhita describes vastu purushmandala for planning cities, temples and houses.

Ancient Sanskrit manuals of vastushastra are discovered from all parts of India including Manasara shilpa and Mayamata from South India, Sutradhara Mandana’s Prasadamandana for building temples and many more, some texts are lost.

The pink city Jaipur in Rajasthan is still beautiful example of Vastu shilpa shastra principles built by Raja Jai Singh. Ancient Sanskrit manuscripts describe that every land or building has its own soul known as Vastu Purusha, is laid down facing earth in such a way that head is in North East and legs in South West direction.

Thus entire enclosed structure signifies full body parts so imbalance in any direction of building starts affecting that particular body part which it signifies.

Vastu shastra principles ensures the healthy, wealthy and peaceful living in harmony with nature. The creator of life –Sun, plays most significant role in Vastu as day starts with Sun rise.

There are four major- North, East, South, West and four cardinal directions-North East, South East, South West, North West which signifies planets, element, colour, shape and beneficial usage.

NORTH-EAST (NE) – is the most auspicious direction, blessings of God comes in abundance in the form of magnetic and cosmic energy flows here. The duration of time between 4am to 6am is called Brahma Muhurat, Sun is in NE direction and best time for prayer, meditation, study and yoga.

  • ELEMENT- Water.
  • COLOUR- Blue, Yellow
  • PLANET –Jupiter.
  • IDEAL USAGE- Puja room, Meditation room, Study room.

Health, Wealth and Wisdom comes from this direction, it should be kept neat and clean.

EAST – is the direction of King of planets SUN.Life comes in motion with the rising Sun. Whole World is enlightened with Sunlight and time to Get… Set… and …Go.

  • ELEMENT- Air
  • COLOUR- Green, Orange
  • PLANET- Sun
  • IDEAL USAGE– Drawing Room, Family Lounge, Dining Room, Only Bathroom, Washing area, children room. Social Associations, Cooperation, Recreation Fun comes from this direction.

SOUTH-EAST (SE)- Is the direction of Goddess LAXMI and VENUS. Materialistic luxuries, wealth, Love, Relationships and Marital Bliss comes from this direction.

  • ELEMENT-Fire
  • COLOUR-Red
  • PLANET-Venus
  • IDEAL USAGE- Kitchen, Cash counter, (more towards SSE) Bedroom for strengthening mental and physical growth.

SOUTH- is the direction when SUN rays are at its peak and Fire is the driving force behind all processes. Success, Power, Confidence, Energy, Fame, Recognition, relaxation comes from this direction.




IDEAL USAGE – Office, Master Bedroom

SOUTH-WEST (SW)-is the direction of Skill, Balance and Relationships. Determination, Focus and Stability in all aspects of life comes from this direction.

  • ELEMENT-Earth
  • COLOUR-Yellow
  • PLANET-Rahu
  • IDEAL USAGE- Work Station for the Boss, Master Bedroom,(SSW)- Toilet

WEST-is the direction of Success, Gains and Profits? Fortune, Prosperity, Savings comes from this direction.

  • ELEMENT-Space
  • COLOUR- Metallic Grey, White.
  • PLANET-Saturn
  • IDEAL USAGE-Dining Room, Locker Room,
  • (WSW)- Children Room for Research Studies,
  • (WNW)-Dustbin or Toilets.

NORTH –WEST (NW)-is the direction of Support, Banking, Attraction and Marital bliss. Help from the People, Relations and Happiness comes from this direction.

  • ELEMENT- Earth
  • COLOUR-Yellow
  • PLANET-Moon
  • IDEAL USAGE- Store Room,
  • (NNW)-Newly Wed Couple Room.

NORTH- is the direction of Flow, Clarity of thoughts, New Opportunities. Immunity, Healing Energy, Inspiration, Intelligence comes from this direction.

  • ELEMENT-Water
  • COLOUR-Blue
  • PLANET-Mercury
  • IDEAL USAGE-Children Room, Living Room, Dining room, Yoga Room, Only Bathroom.

Vastu Shastra aligns the energy fields of a building and cosmic energy for healthy, prosperous life and to achieve ultimate success. Imbalance or vastu dosha in any direction will start affecting particular area of occupant which that direction signifies.

Vastu Shastra provides solutions to rectify the diseased domain. Whether it is to get sudden gains or to get new jobs or to improve marital relationships or to win political elections. Vastu Shastra remedies simply activate the desired zone of direction to achieve higher level of success in life.

It helps in converting our dreams to reality. Balanced and harmonious environment at home and work by easy remedies attract good health, energy and wealth.

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