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Which mom are you according to your astrological sign?

Mother hen or retarded teen, our astrologer Marc Angel paints a portrait of the twelve mothers of the zodiac… And gives you gift ideas to spoil the most beautiful in the world.

Mother Aries: what your sign says about you

When she becomes a mother, Mrs. Bélier forgets her ego in favor of her charming toddlers. She claims to want only one child before experiencing true happiness in mothering her little tribe. Benevolent, Mother Aries knows how to console big hearts and relieve small sores. Her optimistic nature brings joy to the house. When they leave for their destiny, Madame Bélier’s children will pack in their luggage this sense of resourcefulness that their mom will have been able to transmit to them; and that will help them to face life.

The best gift to give to an Aries mom? A bouquet of red roses

Mama Taurus: what your sign says about you

An organized mom, Madame Taureau accommodates the lives of her children according to their rhythms and needs. She flourishes through motherhood, as if to fill an emotional lack that comes to her from her childhood. Asked, Mama Taurus always finds the right word, knows how to speak the reassuring word. It is aimed at toddlers while respecting their intelligence and their ability to understand it. In her eyes, Mama Taurus is a model of wisdom and generosity. She collects their secrets by knowing how to listen to them without ever judging them.

The best gift for a Taurus mom? A card holder box

Gemini mom: what your sign says about you

Mother Gemini quickly becomes the best friend of her children, without losing sight of the good rules of education. Climbing on wooden horses when they are small, on the roller coaster as a teenager, she accompanies them everywhere to share with them their sensations. Creative, Maman Gémeaux prepares birthday snacks like no other. She arranges her working hours according to her private life, while reserving time for herself; her maternal instinct will never prevent her from taking care of her woman’s life.

The best gift for a Gemini mom? A makeup set

Mama Cancer: what your sign says about you

Mom Cancer accelerates when it comes to taking her children to music theory or to their basketball game. Dedicated, she organizes her days according to their schedule. When her activity monopolizes her, she asks her husband to relay it, by calling several times, to verify that he has followed his recommendations. True mother hen, Maman Cancer embellishes the lives of her children; first by telling those stories, then by making they visit magical places. Where it is not uncommon that she lets herself go to daydream.

The best gift for a Cancer mom? A flowery fragrance

Mama Lion: what your sign says about you

Mother Lion seems ready for all the sacrifices for her children. She notes their progress and helps them find their own way. Surprising, Mother Lion puts her authority in the locker room and has all the wishes of her dear loves. On the way to school, she revises the lessons, arouses curiosity, and resolves thorny questions. Maman Lion paints a simple and concrete picture of the reality that her children will have to face later. She does not lie to them, and demands the same honesty in return. It is also impossible for them to cheat. She knows them by heart and guesses their little faults.

The best gift to give to a lion mom? A well-being box

Virgin mom: what your sign says about you

Little “a”, little “b” … Virgin Mother proceeds by order to explain life to her children. Her duty, she assumes it as well in her role of wife as through the education of her cherubim. She solves the equation problems, sews on the buttons, and lines the child’s room. Her loved ones have fun hearing her complain about having to bear everything on her frail shoulders, when she can’t help wanting to relieve everyone. Disciplined, Virgin Mother ensures that her dear toddlers are polite and educated.

The best gift for a Virgin mom? A personalized birth chart

Mama Libra: what your sign says about you

No matter how much she claims, Libra seems more of a wife than a mother. The strength of character of a single mom vanishes as soon as she meets a new pretender. On leaving school, his children are proud to present their young and pretty mom to their classmates. Always ready, it adapts to their lifestyle and follows their evolution. As a teenager, Mommy Libra struggles to channel the energy of her flock. Irritated, she threatens them to leave the place, leaving them to fend for themselves. They laugh when his anger has subsided.

The best gift for a Libra mom? A rhinestone bracelet

Scorpion mom: what your sign says about you

Mom Scorpion takes example from her mother or grandmother to convey values ​​to her children. His sense of organization allows his toddlers to find the right balance. She expects a lot from themselves while offering them tenderness and availability. Maman Scorpion teaches them to invest in their actions or their studies. When they reach adulthood, it remains excessive and cannot help but give them “good advice”; which are very much like orders.

The best gift for a Scorpion mom? A jewelry tree

Sagittarius mom: what your sign says about you

Super mom prepares tasty meals, has lessons reviewed and plays perched cat with her children. An Italian house where culinary flavors and country scents emerge. Sagittarius mom collects secrets, to the point of being indiscreet when her cherubs reach the age of adolescence. Mom Sagittarius grumbles on one side but ends up being coaxed by her dear loves when they ask her permission to go out. Like a good little soldier, mom Sagittarius never lets her personal concerns show through.

The best gift for mom Sagittarius? A travel bag

Mama Capricorn: what your sign says about you

Mama Capricorn does everything so that her children don’t miss anything. So she doesn’t understand that when she is a teenager, they blame her for it. Well fed, well brought up, well educated, she does not see where the fault is, ignoring that it is so good to dream by closing your eyes. Mama Capricorn does not know how to turn into a bell fairy to unleash the imagination of her children. Too much investment on one side, not enough hugs on the other. No one can blame mom Capricorn, who can only transmit what she has learned herself.

The best gift for mom Capricorn? A box of incense

Aquarius mom: what your sign says about you

This pretty mom knows how to impose limits without having to put her children in a park. Maman Aquarius warns them by explaining to them the risks they run by touching everything in the house. Seed sprouted here, tofu there… His taste for novelty and modernity is found even in his cooked dishes. She makes life easier by making her house functional and her days organized. Aquarius mom talks a lot to her kids. Sometimes they would like her to shut up a bit, to take the time to cuddle them more.

The best gift for mom Aquarius? A lucky angel

Pisces mom: what your sign says about you

Mama Pisces feels all that her children can experience. She guesses their concerns before the start of the school year and suffers as much as they do to see them crossing the threshold of school. Mama Pisces is not possessive. She prepares them for the future, reminding them how much she will always be there to support them. Mama Pisces listens to them attentively, herself suffering from not always being well understood by her parents. Motherhood blossoms Madame Poisson. In contact with her children, she gains more confidence and confidence.

The best gift for mom Pisces? A love story

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