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About Future Prediction Today

Future Prediction Today has been founded by very popular & well known astrologer Yashkaran Sharma. He has done¬†MA in¬†English Literature. His interest in Vedic astrology developed as a child as he saw his father Mr.¬†M.R. Sharma practiced this science as a hobby. He learnt the art by observing his father’s prediction so saying that his practical experience and natural inclination towards this ancient science guided him on this path would not be wrong. His father had clients from all over the world which gave him a global outlook too. Mr. Yashkaran Sharma has contributed tirelessly in this field for thirty-five years through teaching and consultation.¬†He has a good command of palmistry and Indian astrology and is popular with his students.¬†His interest in the field of spirituality adds another dimension to his personality.

Astro Vastu expert Dimple Babbar having a unique vision in occult sciences is Director at Future Prediction Today whose approach in the practical application of Vedic Sciences has been found absolutely innovative and highly useful. She too has many achievements under her belt. She has a BSc in Maths(H) with a diploma in Computer science. She studied Vedic astrology from AIFAS and has attained a Maharishi degree. She has attained a similar degree in Vastu and is a Grand Master in Reiki. She is a Tarot card reader and a spiritual healer too. As you can see she is multi – faceted in the field of occult sciences.

The Basic Aim Of The Company

To promote astrology,  numerology, palmistry  and other occult sciences and spread  awareness amongst people about their importance.
To educate people who want to learn for their personal benefit and use and professionals who want to make a career in this field.
To provide consultancy in all the fields mentioned on the website online and in person. Some of the areas being astrology, palmistry, numerology, Vastu and Tarot.
To guide people solve their problems through spiritual path by helping with puja and meditation.
To help people going through tough times to ease the I’ll- effects of planets and to avail the maximum benefits through remedies, stones and powerful yantras for those going through good periods of their lives.Benefits of Rudraksha is another very important area that we will be tapping into and educating people.
We plan to be a one stop solution to all your problems so please don’t hesitate to contact us.