Dr. Coralie

Dr. Coralie Felicitas Srivastava

Expertise: Vedic Astrologer & Vastu expert
Experience: 10 years | Languages: English, Hindi

MON-SUN: 09:00 AM – 10:00 PM

About Me

Dr. Coralie Felicitas Srivastava is a researcher, writer and a Vastu Shastra and Geopathic Stress consultant who comes from a cross-cultural background. Born in India, her extensive travels in India and abroad have instilled in her the flexibility to adjust and excel in diverse milieus.

Dr Coralie Srivastava has worked in Public Relations in London and as a freelance journalist for The Times of India. She writes on diverse subjects including alternative health methods and nature-friendly living. Her concern with the alarming rise in western lifestyle-related illnesses has led to her interest in Vedic science and its increasing significance in modern times. She wrote the Astrology page of the Delhi Section of the India Today till 2011. She has just submitted “The Scientific Handbook of Astro Vastu” for review with various publishers in the UK.

She is currently working as a Vastu Shastra and Geopathic Stress Consultant in New Delhi and as the freelance Vastu Shastra Editor for the Hindu Today, London, UK. She has received the Super Achiever Award in Geopathic Stress Rectification by the Bharat Nirman and will shortly be receiving the RIVC’s most prestigious “Vastu Shastra Consultant of the Year Award”.

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