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Face Reading is an amazing & result oriented practice that is being followed by astrologers since the ancient times to decipher the real state of mind of a person and the direction of that person’s future.

History of Face Reading

Face Reading, since times immemorial, has been an art which lets a person read the actual state of mind and personality of another person by observing the features of his/her face during a conversation. This was practiced primarily by philosophers and astrologers to know how a person is likely to behave and perform in different endeavours of life and the likely outcome of specific events in his/her life.

What does Face Reading involve?

Face Reading involves analyzing different features on the face of a person. The most basic yet highly revealing features on the face of a person are the Lines on the Forehead and other areas of the face. The lines are both straight as well as distorted and carry different meanings for different aspects of life. It is said that your destiny is etched on your forehead in the form of those lines and one who can decipher those lines, can make predictions about the state & direction of many crucial domains of your life. Face Reading is an occult science which involves heavy use of intuition to correctly reveal the true nature and the real personality traits of a person. It also points out towards the capability of a person in education, career and financial domains of life, to name a few.

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Face Reading also helps in knowing the actual state of mind of a person which decides the immediate future trajectory of that person, especially if that person is involved in some crucial task. This is because a person’s face, in a coded way reveals his/her thoughts and emotions.

Specific Features that are analyzed in Face Reading

Apart from lines on the forehead, facial types reveal a lot about a person.

Following are the fundamental types of faces:

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Triangular
  • Square
  • Oblong

Other features that are analyzed in Face Reading are- Eyes, Ears, Nose and Lips. Each one of these features as per their shape & design reveal many secrets about the personality & behaviour of a person and helps in ascertaining the direction of his/her destiny.

So one must go for a Face Reading and know about certain highly useful traits of his/her personality that could help in the journey of life ahead. Face Reading reveals what fate has in store for a person based on his/her subtle, unconscious yet extremely powerful thought process that eventually shapes up that person’s future.