Heena Aggarwal

Heena Aggarwal

Expertise: Vedic Astrology, Vastu
Experience: 6 years
Languages: English, Hindi

MON-SUN:¬†09:00 AM ‚Äď 10:00 PM

Good Knowledge of Vedic Astrology & Vastu with Deep intereste in Geopathic Stress management. I have completed Diploma in Vastu Shastra & vedic Astrology from Future Point and Satvik Tantra from Agnitra Foundation. Intervention strategy primarily works on Healing Body as well as space whether Residential and Commercial in nature.

I have come across great satisfaction by indulging in Chakra Healing, Paranormal Healing,Tarot Card Reading, Geopathic Stress Removal with my clients in the past. Contributing from last 6 years of domain in Astrology and Vastu. I consult in various domain like relationship issue, financial assets,education related and everyday life issues.

Basic Analysis        Rs. 1100

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Detailed Analysis              Rs. 2100

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