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Janam kundli plus report contains one step up with detailed horoscope and remedies to overcome the flaws in the horoscope. Janam kundli plus model of astrological calculations is the most popular to get the effective remedies to shape the native’s destiny for better life.

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What is janam kundali?

Janam kundali plus model is the the best model of horoscope with all essential remedies. The timing of eventsĀ  can beĀ  determined by the calculation of different types of Dashas thus giving an idea about natives past and make predictions about the future.

Janam Kundli Features

Charts & Calculations

  • Avakhada Chakra
  • Panchang of Birthday
  • Planetary Degrees and their Positions
  • Calculation of Birth Chart, Moon Chart, Navamsa Chart, Chalit, Narayan Bhava Chalit – Basic important charts to get an idea about the strength of horoscope.
  • Karak, Avastha, Rashmi – Signification & Power of planets.
  • Sudarshan Chakra – Represent the comparative positions of the planets in the Sun, Moon and Lagna charts simultaneously from outer to inner circle respectively. To study a house consider the signs in all the three charts simultaneously.
  • KP System
  • Tables of Significator & Ruling Planets in KP
  • Tables of Aspects on Planets, Bhava Middle & Cusps
  • Astro Graphs: 20 Year Astro Graphs for Health, Finance
  • Shodashvarga Charts – 16 divisional charts to study the various areas. An event canā€™t be predicted in independently on the basis of a divisional chart rather it needs to be studied along with the birth chart. It should be remembered that there is no aspect of planets in divisional charts. The strength of planets is limited to the sign and house occupied.
  • Shodashvarga Tables
  • Friendship Table
  • Shadbala and Bhavabala Tables
  • Shadbala and Bhavabala Graphs
  • Upagraha & Arudha, Shannadi Chakra, Tripapa Chakra
  • Prastharashtakvarga Tables, Ashtakvarga Tables
  • Bhinnashtak and Ashtakvarga Graphs
  • Vimshottari Dasha with Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub period
  • Dasha, Tribhagi Dasha, Ashtottari Dasha, Yogini Dasha, Kaal Chakra Dasha & Char Dasha with Sub-Sub period


  • Yoga Karakas
  • Favourable Points
  • Gem Selection
  • Detailed Analysis of Gems
  • Gem Recommendation as per Dasha
  • Rudraksha remedies
  • Remedies of Sadesati
  • Manglik Vichar
  • Kaal Sarp Yoga
  • Pitridosha Vichar
The janm kundli report helps in providing the best solution and simplifying the life with easeĀ  for better future. The native will come to know the high and lows of his life ,and start taking action on positive aspects for stress free living.Janam kundali is available in HindiĀ  and English. Hurry and book Janam kundali report for right guidance at right time.