What is Numerology?

Numerology is an occult science that deals with the effects of numbers on people, corporations and even countries!

The effects that this science of numbers casts particularly upon people in their lives and influences the outcome of their future, simply amazing. With its heavy influence on the life of a person and other entities that represent a collective consciousness, numerology is an occult science that shapes & reveals the course of fate in a phenomenal way!

Numerology associates the nine numbers (1 to 9) with the nine planets as per the sacred science of Vedic Astrology and evaluates the effects of those planets upon an individual or an entity affecting the masses based on many permutations & combinations as per the principles of numerology. Numerology is capable of both revealing how the fate of a person is slated to find expression and how that person can alter his/her fate by incorporating certain number changes in life!

Origin & History of Numerology

Numerology finds its mention and applications in many ancient texts. These texts date back to times that can very well be considered extremely ancient. Many texts having association with multiple religions or communities of the world have mentions and use of numbers in an occult way with respect to making prophecies and predictions about people, nations, huge natural events in the form of calamities etc.

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Numerology was practiced in the ancient civilization of Babylon by a group of people known as the Chaldeans. There numerological practice came to be known as Chaldean Numerology System. Many other formats of this amazing science came into practice from time to time and one such practice was the Pythagorean Numerology as it is known today. It is associated with the famous Greek philosopher, mathematician and astronomer- Pythagoras.

Numerology has always predicted extremely crucial & significant time cycles and their effects upon civilizations well before they actually came into motion.

How does Numerology Work?

Numerology works on many planes associated with numbers in a person’s life. The obvious one, being that person’s date of birth which is used to construct his/her Numerology Horoscope. Based on the numbers that come out from the native’s date of birth, a numerology horoscope is constructed that places the numbers that have their effects on the native at very specific places in that horoscope.

A Numerologist analyzes the interactions of those numbers with each other as well as their role in isolation to decode the effect of those numbers on multiple aspects of that native’s life such as education, health, finances, marriage, childbirth etc. Numerology is very famous for accurately revealing the true nature and personality of a person which helps in the process of Match-Making for Marriages as well! But apart from that numerology is applied on the number of building/house where a person resides to know the effects of that building or house upon its residents.

Numerology plays an extremely crucial role in affecting the ‘Vastu’ of a place in terms of Vastu energies of that structure. A house or a commercial building with a number identity that is not favourable for attracting positive vibrations, results in attracting and spreading malefic or evil energies within and around that structure. The future of a company can be very well predicted along with the favourable & unfavourable periods as far as the profits are concerned by analyzing the date of incorporation of that company.

Numerology has time and again predicted all major wars & conflicts between the nations of this world. Numerology in the ancient times was widely used to anticipate a natural calamity such as drought or flood and even today with the right applications, this occult science can predict all major weather changes and the unfortunate likelihood of an epidemic. Again coming to personal use, Numerology correctly deciphers the favourable career choices along with the periods that would give us maximum professional growth with financial success & prosperity!

When it comes to health, the sacred science of Numerology reveals the medical problems that a native is slated to encounter in life and hence the native can exercise necessary precaution and perform timely astrological & numerological remedies to pacify the planets that are the root cause of that future problem. Numerology reveals all this simply by factoring in the placement of specific numbers in a particular order as per a person’s date of birth.

Numerology apart from numbers that have a lifelong effect on a person, also decodes many numbers that keep on coming in the life of the person for a brief period of time but cast their heavy influence during that period. Every name corresponds to specific name number vibrations and attracts energies that are in tune with those vibrations in the life of a person.

However, if the name number vibrations emanated by the name of a person are not positive then malefic energies get attracted towards the person and result into obstacles, failures and miseries in life. Numerology suggests Name Correction to attract maximum success and remove all problems that a person is facing because of the negative name number vibrations.

So take the help of Numerology to know what your destiny holds for you in terms of education, career, finances, love, marriage, travel etc. and also get to know the remedial measures that you can adopt to steer the course of destiny in your favour!