Palm Reading Consultation

It is said that your past, present and future are all naturally printed on your palm and the science of Palm Reading provides the necessary insight to view & reveal that. Palm Reading is an occult science that originated in the ancient societies of India, Babylon, China, Sumeria and Israel. But due to its sheer efficacy, nowadays it is being practiced all over the world. Palm Reading when performed by a professional, can reveal the trajectory of a person’s fate and decipher the state of luck/fortune in the life of the person.

What is involved in Palm Reading?

Palm Reading involves analysis of different lines that correspond to different aspects of a person’s life.

The most fundamental and famous lines are:

  • Heart Line
  • Head Line
  • Life Line

However, not only there are multiple other crucial lines that hold equal significance as the above mentioned lines, but also, there are different symbols and “mounts” present on a palm that are associated with specific planets and their effects on certain aspects of an individual’s life. Apart from these attributes on the palm of a person, this amazing science makes astounding revelations about so many other things in a person’s life on the basis of shape of the hands & fingers of a person as well! Palm Reading is considered very special & highly revealing and is widely accepted by astrologers as a science that complements the science of Vedic Astrology in arriving at incredibly accurate predictions.

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Palmistry and its Benefits

Palmistry is the name given to the practice of Palm Reading nowadays and it has multiple variations developed over time. These variations come from different methodologies employed to practice this science. However, the aim of each & every one of them is the same, that is- to decipher what the lines, symbols, and mounts on the palm reveal as far the destiny of the individual is concerned. A person practicing Palmistry, carefully analyzes the hand of a person to identify his overall state of health, major periods of turbulence in health during life and nature of medical problems that can bother the person. This way a person can exercise timely caution and bring necessary dietary & lifestyle changes to maintain a sound state of health in life.

Same goes with finances as Palmistry predicts the favourable and unfavourable time periods of life as far as finances are concerned. This helps a person in planning & executing key professional, career and finance related decisions at appropriate times in life. It also opens the doorway to knowing the remedial measures that are specific to the problems seen and are capable of removing the root cause of those problems well before they appear in the future. Last but not the least, Palmistry is famous for revealing what fate has in store for the native, as far as the highly significant aspects of love, relationship, marriage, children etc. are concerned in the life of the native. To sum it up, one must take the help of the phenomenal science of Palm Reading or Palmistry to make the best out of his/her life!