Internationally renowned Astrologer, Vastu Expert, Tarot Reader, Palmist, Reiki Grandmaster and life coach.


Maharishi Dimple Babbar

Founder of Future prediction Today FPT

MH 1 Tv celebrity Astrologer ,written hundreds of research articles in Future Samachar and renowned Astrology Magazines.

With over 20 + yrs in the field of Occult sciences and guiding people across the World

Learn Special Course on Vastu Shastra -Build your Dream Home Vastu Way.


Live Sessions No videos no replays!!

Master the Vastu Shastra principles on your finger tips.

What would you learn in 5 days Course?

  1. What is Vastu Shastra and Myths about Vastu Shastra, how Vastu Shastra is purely based on Quantum physics and scientific research.
  2. Learn Magical tricks – Universal law of attraction , abundance of wealth and prosperity.
  3. Learn 16 frequencies of life attributes and directions.
  4. Identify the main cause of obstacle or problem in home which is hindering to achieve success and goals.
  5. Problem and solution is within home and rectify by simple changes in interior by paintings, colours ,idols and by balancing the 5 elements of nature with directions for harmony of home.

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