Yearly Horoscope 2021

Aspirations are linked to the upcoming New Year 2021, everyone is curious to unfold the future and destiny, especially 2021 as after long dark Pandemic year 2020,which has paralyzed the whole World. Lockdown, miseries, deaths, losses, helplessness and fear among the masses kept everyone worried throughout the year 2020. Everyone is keeping an eye on New Year 2021 forecast. Our Future Prediction today Team (FPT) has analyzed planetary positions in the different zodiac signs and penned down the predictions of YEAR 2021 for all the Moon signs (Janam Rashi) in Vedic Astrology.


 Planet SATURN in CAPRICORN Zodiac sign
 Planet RAHU in TAURUS Zodiac sign
 Planet KETU in SCORPIO Zodiac sign


 Planet JUPITER Transit

CAPRICORN Zodiac sign till 05 April 2021
AQUARIUS Zodiac sign on 06 April 2021 till 13 September 2021
CAPRICORN Zodiac sign on14 September 2021 till 20 November 2021
AQUARIUS Zodiac sign on 21 November 2021.



Retrograde on MAY 23 rd 2021 at 02:50 PM.
Progressive on OCTOBER 11 th 2021 at 07:48 AM.
Duration of Saturn Retrograde motion =141 Days.


Retrograde on JUNE 20 th 2021 at 08:35PM.
Progressive on OCTOBER 18 th 2021 at 11:00AM.
Duration of Jupiter Retrograde motion =120 Days.

FUTURE PREDICTION TODAY TEAM ( FPT) has penned down the yearly predictions 2021 for all zodiac signs in which includes all aspects of life, profession, job, family, children, students, health, wealth and remedies for year 2021 for getting best results in all fields of life and nullifying the ill effects of transit of planets in 2021

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें: राशिफल‌ ‌2021

Aries Horoscope


The Yearly Prediction for Aries Zodiac Sign 2021 is highly auspicious. The New Year 2021 is the year of fulfillment, growth and new opportunities. There shall be upward growth in career and success. The luck shall favor you in all aspects of life. Natives in job and business get more and more opportunities, as well as get name, fame and recognition in their field. This year shall be the most favorable year for the Arians, they shall enjoy luxuries as well as investment in property shall prove to be fruitful. The inflow of income and expenditure shall go hand in hand.

First two months January and February ,there will be conjunction of five planets in 10 th house and planet Rahu aspects from 2 nd house to 10 th house of karma, profession shall keep you busy in expansion of your work. Main focus shall remain on profession which shall bring immense monetary gains in the whole year as planet Jupiter will transit in 11th house of gains and profits in half of the year from 6th April to 14th September 2021. You will earn money from abroad connections as well as accumulate lots of money. The whole year 2021 will be the yearof gains, recognition and achievements.

Arians will enjoy materialistic luxuries as well as personal life. February, last 15 days of March, April, mid of June to mid of July September, November and December shall be auspicious for people in love. There will be difference of opinion with the spouse but above period shall be good for enjoying married life .

The students find difficulty in focusing in the studies. The year 2021 will be average for the students as their results will be low as compared to their efforts and hard work. January, February, May, July, August, Mid of November to December will be favorable months for the students and for the rest of months you need to be careful.

For children year 2021 will be good and luck will favor them from April to September, whole year will auspicious for them. The health of parents shall remain the cause of worry as Planet Rahu transiting in the house of family and aspect of Saturn is on fourth house of parents and Jupiter debilitated as lord of ninth house of father. Arians are robust in health, they remain fit and do lots of exercise but be cautious for eyes and control your anger. The year 2021 overall will bring prosperity, financial gains and luxurious lifestyle.


1. Worship Goddess Durga and observe fast on Fridays.
2. Recite Durga Chalisa and Durga Kavach daily.
3. Offer gifts and sweets to small girls under age of 9yrs.
4. Feed green fodder and chapatis to cows.



The yearly prediction for Taurus zodiac sign in 2021 is highly auspicious for destiny. The FPT team has penned down every minute predictions for Taurean. The planetary transit of Saturn in 9 th house for Taurus natives shall bring favour of destiny, success and gains in life.

The favorable transit shall boostup new confidence and enthusiasm in Taurus natives. The positive change in current situation will be acknowledged through out the year 2021 which will give success in profession or business work. The natives will face sudden increase in expenses but for the government employees year 2021 will bestow them with promotion or vehicle or home.

The beginning of the year 2021 shall give sudden monetary gains to Taurus natives but health shall remain the concern till 27 th January. Next Two and a half months February, March and till 14th April luck shall be favorable in terms of fortune and getting social recognition. The year 2021 will be year of fortune rise. The time period from 6th April to 15 TH September, planet Jupiter shall transit in 10th house for Taurus Zodiac sign which will be auspicious period in terms of family, finance, health and mental peace. This period shall overcome all obstacles and give beneficial results.

The family life shall remain disturbed in the months of January, August, September, November, December due to influence of Planet Rahu and Ketu on 7th house. The misunderstanding and difference of opinion might bring stress and tensions in married life, so you are advised to stay calm. But the aspect of planet Jupiter will balance the family life and even enhance compatibility between both of you.

The Taurus students will have to work hard for achieving good results. As influence of Rahu on Taurus zodiac sign, will tend to distract them from studies and get allured to bad company. The research students shall get success in their respective fields. The students get positive results ,who are hoping to get admission in foreign universities.

The month of January, April, August, November and December 2021 will be inauspicious for health of the Taurus natives. You are advised to take precautions and get regular check ups. Keep yourself cool and calm, utilize your higher energy levels and tolerance in positive work. These measures will prevent you from mental stress and tensions.
The year 2021 will bring good fortune and inflow of money intact. Overall year will be lucky for the Taurus zodiac sign.


1. Worship Goddess Tara (Green Tara) daily.
2. Observe fast on Thursdays and offer Besan laddoos to Goddess Tara.
3. Chant Goddess Tara Kavach daily.
4. Feed birds with millet daily.


The yearly predictions for Gemini Zodiac sign 2021 brought by FPT team, reveal mixed results due to the transit of planet Saturn in 8 th house through out the year. The impact of “ Ashtam dhaiya” may bring ups and down in the life of the native. There will be sudden monetary gains in the month of January. But you might have to face challenges and obstructions in personal and family life .The time period between April to September shall bring favour of luck and destiny because of the transit of planet Jupiter in 9th house. Most of the work shall get accomplished but mental tensions and stress may remain throughout the year.

The businessman natives are advised to remain cautious in the partnership and make all deals on black and white. There may be chance of getting into unnecessary trouble or legal issue as somebody may backstab. The expenses shall remain uncontrollable on unwanted things which will affect financial status.

The Gemini natives may face obstructions and losses in all fields of life. The year 2021 will be less favourable in love matters. The misunderstanding or ego of the spouse can create disturbance and bitterness in the married life. The months of April, May and August shall bring better and auspicious events in family life.

Due to transit of planet Saturn in the 8th house the students might face difficulty in focusing and have to work hard to attain success. But on the other hand students doing research work will get success between April and September.
The health of Gemini natives shall remain weak due to Ashtam dhaiya. The transit of planets Saturn and Jupiter in 8th shall bring health related
issues on and off related to stomach, eyes, indigestion or undiagnosed disease. You are advised to take care of your health and eating habits.


1. Chant Mahamrityunjya mantra 108 rosary daily.
2. Donate food grains, black lentil, mustard oil or any other food items to needy person.
3. Light mustard oil lamp under Peepal tree on every Saturdays.
4. Feed dogs with milk or bread.



The yearly predictions for Cancer Zodiac sign 2021 is auspicious and reveal fruitful results. The FPT (Future Prediction Today) has tried to do minute detailing for the Cancereans. The transit of planet Saturn in 7 th house and planet Rahu in 11th house and planet Ketu in 5th house shall give excellent results in the work place or in business deals which will result in high monetary gains. The favourable transit of Rahu shall bring recognition and fame in the society.

The Cancer natives will develop links with the influential and political persons which shall prove beneficial. The hard work of Cancer natives help in achieving their goals and will get good results in their investment. The month of January, February, March, May, August, November will be auspicious for financial gains.

The transit of planet Jupiter in 8th house shall give rise to unnecessary expenses on family and health issues but inflow of money shall remain through out the year. For Cancer natives 2021 will be less favourable for personal life as aspect of planet Rahu on 7th house might create misunderstanding in the married life. The month of June,July might remain average for mental and emotional health in personal life. Overall, the love bonding among the duo remain intact. The unwanted issues shall remain with immediate family members which will create stress and tensions in the family life.

The Cancer natives who are single might get the partner and love relationship will get strengthen. There is possibility of getting married in 2021. The time especially February, March, April, May, December is good for love and romance. The students will get desired results in their field, they will perform very well. The year 2021 will prove to be good for students pursuing higher research work. The students will easily understand the concepts and excel in each subjects. The health of Cancer natives shall remain average, there is possibility of liver, eyes, BP or heart problem. You are advised to do meditation to keep your anger in control.


1. Observe fast on Mondays and daily offer water to Shivlinga.
2. Recite “Om Namah Shivay” mantra one rosary daily.
3. Donate milk and fruits to the poor people.



The yearly predictions for Leo zodiac sign 2021 brought by FPT team predicts the favourable outcomes in all aspects of life. The transit of planet Saturn in 6th house and planet Rahu in 10th house will be highly auspicious in attaining success in work field or job or business. The planetary transit will open up the innovative ways for expansion of business and social connections with influential people. The Leo natives innate nature of executing big projects shall turn into reality. The favorable transit of Jupiter from April to September will be highly beneficial for the flow of money and sudden accomplishment of work. The year 2021 will be the year of gains and achievements.

The Leo natives will be lucky in personal and family life from April to September when Jupiter transits in the 7th house. The conjugal bliss will be strengthened between the couple. The months of March, July and October are not favourable for personal life as it indicates unnecessary arguments or fights with the spouse but that will be a temporary phase.

The students appearing for competitive exams shall excel in their field .The Transit of Jupiter and Saturn in 6 th house make “Prabal Shatru hanta yoga “means Leo natives shall get success in each and every competitions. The year 2021 will be highly auspicious for students. The Leo natives shall be lucky to find a love mate for themselves and strong possibility of tying a knot by the end of the year.

The health of the Leo natives shall remain good throughout the year but the health of the parents shall remain the cause of mental stress and tensions. Overall the year 2021 will be the year of achievements, happiness, success and progress. The transit of Saturn and Jupiter shall bestow promotion, gains and recognition for Leo natives.


1.Recite Gayatri mantra one rosary daily.
2. Every morning within 40 minutes after Sunrise offers water in a brass vessel to Lord Sun.
3. Donate wheat grains, jaggery, fruits to poor people.

Virgo Horoscope


The Virgo sign prediction 2021 by FPT Team reveals mixed results for the Virgo natives .The transit of planet Saturn in 5 th house and Rahu in 9 th house shall give ups and down in their professional life. There is possibility of obstructions and mental stress at the workplace which might lead to change of job in the year 2021. The inflow of money shall remain but inner peace shall remain disturbed. The business person will get opportunities for monetary gains but on the other hand are advised to invest carefully to avoid losses. The month of January, February, May, December will be favourable for financial gains and for growth of work.

The year 2021 will be average for family life of Virgo natives, as bad health of spouse or family problem shall create mental stress. The expenses shall remain on higher sides. The month of April, June, July, August and September will not be favourable for Virgo natives. The married people might face several problems in their lives.

The children will perform good in their work. The students shall achieve success after hard work and focus. The debilitation of planet Jupiter and aspect of planet Rahu in 5th house shall create obstructions in studies and there is possibility of distraction which can bring loss to Virgo natives. But students pursuing Law, Political Science and social work will perform very well in their field. The health of the Virgo natives shall remain good throughout the year. They are advised to keep their mind cool as mental reserve energy might get affected.


1. Keep fast on Thursdays and worship Brihaspateshwar Mahadev by offering yellow flowers, yellow sandal, yellow rice, yellow fruits, jaggery, cow ghee and yellow dal.
2. Worship Banana tree with water with turmeric and light a lamp.
3. Offer food to Brahmins and poor people.



The FPT Team -Future Predictions Today predicts about the Libra sign for 2021 according to Vedic Astrology and transit of planets, will bring several changes throughout the year. The transit of planet Saturn in 4 th house and planet Rahu in 8 th will give ups and down in the lives of Libra natives. The professional person gets promotions but on the other hand might face difficulty in technical work or with bosses. The work pressure and stress shall remain throughout the year. The Business persons shall face obstructions in their work or with the workers.

The impact of Saturn’s Dhaiya might create disturbances with the partners or with the co-associates. The months April to September shall bring monetary gains to the Libra natives. This period shall bring happiness, stability and growth in all aspects of life. The month of May, September, October shall be unfavourable for taking any decision or investment

The impact of Saturn’s dhaiya might impact family life and general happiness. The frustration or unnecessary tensions will affect relationships with the spouse or partner. But your balanced nature and intelligence to tackle the situation shall bring harmony in the family life. The children will perform well in their fields. The year 2021 will be good students for achieving good marks. They have to keep their confidence and energy level high To get success in competitive exams. The students pursuing for admission in abroad universities will get success as relocation or change in place is favourable.

The bonding between the lovers might get stronger from April to September. The unmarried Libra natives might get a good match for themselves as love is in the air for Librans. The health of Librans might get affected due to transit of Rahu in 8th house and Saturn in 4th. The health of the parents will also give mental tensions .The expenditure on health issues shall remain high.


1. Worship Goddess Durga, recite Durga kavach and Durga chalisa paath.
2. Donate potatoes, suji rusk, suji halwa, tea, raddish to poor people.



The Scorpio sign predictions 2021 is highly auspicious throughout the year according to the FPT Team and our internationally renowned astrologers based on transit of planets in Vedic Astrology. The year 2021 will bring new opportunities, ventures, achievements in all aspects of professional life. In the year 2021, the transit of planet Saturn in 3rd house shall bring auspicious results and will bring enthusiasm, confidence and favour of destiny. The time period from April to September will be a period of growth, monetary gains and investment in property or vehicle or in business. But at the same time take extra caution before investment in any venture as the transit of planet Rahu in 7th house can give adverse results.

The Scorpion natives will get social recognition and fame. They will enjoy good relations with the siblings and family. The expenses on short travels and outings will keep you on wheels. The year will bring happiness, fun and success. The family life will remain good but differences of opinion or conflicts on the financial matters may bring arguments. The unnecessary expenses shall remain throughout the year.

Love life shall remain average in the first quarter and November as arguments and conflicts might bring bitterness in the relationship. But the natives who are single will be lucky in the months of March, May, October and December and get suitable love mates for themselves. Students shall perform very good in their academics but are advised to stay away from the bad company. The Scorpion natives shall enjoy good health in the year 2021. Avoid driving in the month of May, July and November as there might be the possibility of injuries or accidents. The stomach issue, back ache problem, eyes or tooth problem may arise but nothing serious will happen. The disciplined nature and inclination for a healthy routine shall give excellent results.


1 Visit Hanuman temple every Tuesday and Saturday ,offer Prasad and chant Hanuman Chalisa everyday.
2.Once in a month, offer Hanuman ji Chola on Tuesdays and distribute prasad to poor people.
3.Recite Sundar Kaand path once in a week.



The FPT Team – Future Predictions Today predicts the year 2021 will bring favourable results in the lives of Sagittarius native. The transit of planet Saturn in 2nd house that is third phase of sadesati and the transit of planet Rahu in 6th house will bring good results and relief in financial and family life. The performance at workplace shall improve and get the desired result in promotion as well as recognition. There are chances of relocation or transfer for betterment in the work.

This year will bring consistent monetary gains and stability in finances. The business person shall start getting results of their investment and work start getting the pace after many obstructions in the past year. You will get success in property matter or dealings .The first two months shall be fruitful for all dealings whether professional or personal. The family life will be smooth and blissful. The impact of sadesati might bring mental and emotional stress in the life. The months January, February, March, April, May, October and November will bring auspicious, fruitful results in relation with the spouse or partner, children and friends.

The relations with influential people get strengthened. The inclination towards religious work will enhance and reputation shall increase. The students shall perform excellent in the studies and competitions. They will be able to master the subjects with ease and get highly fruitful results. The year 2021 will be auspicious for students to study in India or go abroad. The year will be auspicious for students who are pursuing higher studies or competitions.

The native shall remain healthy and fit throughout the year. To curb mental stress and unnecessary tensions, you are advised to do meditation and walk. The love life shall remain favourable as transit of planet Mars in its own sign in 5 th house shall bring spark in the relationship. The month of June, July, December might aggravate the anger or unnecessary argument can turn into a big fight so you are advised to keep your mind cool and calm. The year 2021 will be beneficial in financial and overall happiness.


1.Worship Goddess Tara.
2. Chant the mantra “Om Tarinye Namah” 108 times daily.
3. Help poor people by giving food, clothes or money.

Capricorn Horoscope


The Capricorn sign predictions 2021 will bring mixed results for the natives as analysed by FPT Team. The transit of planet Saturn on the Its own sign and the sadesati will be at its peak. The transit of planet Rahu in 5 th house shall bring ups and down in the financial and personal life of the Capricorn natives. The professional life will remain on an upward graph and get many opportunities in attaining success. The practical approach for work and passion to achieve your goals shall give fruitful results in this year. The business person will get stability and growth in their work. The expenses shall remain on higher end in the first three months and in October, November.

The natives will get monetary gains in the months of April to September which will compensate the losses incur in the last years. The family life and love life will be affected due to transit of planet Rahu in the 5 th house .There is possibility of misunderstandings among the Love mates which will affect their relationship. The married couple might have differences of opinion on the issue of children which will affect their happiness. The months of June, July and August will be unfavourable.

The students shall find it difficult to score good marks. They have to work hard and extra effort to excel in the studies. But on the other hand students with technical subjects excel in their work. The inflow money shall remain throughout the year. Financially this year will be smooth and many work will be accomplished.

The obstructions in work or in family or in personal life might come but you shall be able to overcome them and find the right ways to deal with them. The health of the natives shall remain good .There might be the possibility of stomach or dental problems or mood swings problems. Overall year 2021 will bring good results in all aspects of life.


1. Recite Panchakshashri mantra “Om Namah Shivay” 108 times daily.
2. Chant Hanuman Chalisa every Tuesday and Saturday.
3. Donate clothes, food items, mustard oil, sleepers or articles needed by them.
4. Light mustard oil lamp in the evening on every Saturdays under Peepal tree.
5. Feed Birds ,dogs and cows.

Aquarius Horoscope


The FPT Team predicts the Aquarius sign horoscope 2021 will bring average results .The transit of planet Saturn in 12 th house and planet Rahu in 4th house shall bring ups and down in the year. The first phase of Sadesati shall disturb the inner peace and bring unfavourable results. The first three months shall prove to be difficult in career or business. The expenses and obstructions shall remain uncontrollable which will bring disharmony and mental tensions.

There might be the possibility of change in job or loss or relocation in adverse conditions. The time period will not be favourable to take any major decision. The months April to September shall bring relief in financial gains and bring stability in job or business. The transit of planet Jupiter on the Aquarius sign will bring auspicious results in all aspects. The disputes among the family on all matters whether children, expenses or unnecessary issues shall bring disharmony in the life.

The atmosphere in the family will get better and all matters get resolved when planet Jupiter will transit on sign. The mental tensions and stress shall remain throughout the year. The obstructions shall chase you till the end of the year. The students shall face numerous obstacles but April to September will be favourable for them. Students have to struggle hard to achieve success but they will not be satisfied with their performance.

The health wise Aquarians have to face one or the other health related issues. The stomach issues, eye problems, headaches or some injury. The health of the father will be the concern for you which will bring unnecessary worries. The year 2021 will be less favourable for the Aquarius sign.


1. Offer water and milk to Shivlinga and then Peepal tree every day.
2. Donate food grains, clothes, medicines to needy people.
3. Worship Goddess Laxmi and observe fast on Fridays.
4. Recite Sri Suktam and Laxmi Chalisa everyday.
5. Offer gifts and sweets to younger girls.


The FPT Team analysed the Pisces Horoscope 2021 and predicts the average result for Pisceans. The transit of planet Saturn in 11th house and planet Rahu in 3rd house will bring auspicious results in financial gains, expansion, reputation in society and confidence level. The debilitation of lagna lord and 10 th lord will give success after hard work.

This might affect the health of the native due to which the native unable to accomplish the tasks. The unnecessary struggles and hardships will be faced in the work or job. There is a possibility that natives will face dis opinion with seniors or colleagues which will bring mental tensions and stress. The time period between April to September will not be favourable for Pisces natives. But the first quarter and last quarter will bring monetary gains and success.

The family life will remain happy and harmonious. The short travels and entertainment will remain throughout the year. The social get-togethers and religious ceremonies will be organized in the family. The native might face tantrums of children or family disturbance in the months of June, July, and November. The expenditure will be high on property or vehicle.

The students perform well in the competitions and studies. Their confidence level and instinct to achieve their goals will be high but they are advised to take care of their health and stay away from distractions. The Piscean native will be lucky in the love life and enjoy togetherness. As the double aspect of planet Jupiter and Saturn in 5th house the single native will find a love mate in the first three months or last three months of the year.

The Pisces sign natives might face health issues related to stomach or mood swings or seasonal fever or flu in the year 2021. Overall the year will bring good results to Pisces sign and might get sudden gains in the year.


1. Chant Hanuman Chalisa and worship Lord Hanuman.
2. Visit Lord Hanuman temple every Tuesdays and Saturdays.

The FPT Team – Future Predictions Today has brought yearly predictions 2021 to unfold the future for all zodiac signs on the basis of transit of planets and constellations in Vedic Astrology. FPT Team Wishes you a very “Happy New Year 2021” and may all your wishes come true.